RSS - 35通りの使い方

Micro Persuasion35 Ways You Can Use RSS Todayという投稿より。


1. Track drunk athletes (RSS)

2. Identify key blog phrases and themes (RSS)

3. Real-time severe weather alerts (RSS)

4. Subscribe to personal reminders

5. See what sports is on HDTV tonight (RSS)

6. Get notified when that must-have item pops up on eBay (RSS)

7. Watch for new music on iTunes (RSS)

8. Monitor for airport delays (RSS)

9. Track new software releases (RSS)

10. Subscribe to movie reviews (RSS)

11. Watch for cheap Travelocity airfares or on Expedia

12. Get the latest currency exchange rates (RSS)

13. Subscribe to traffic updates (RSS)

14. Read the Bible one verse at a time (RSS)

15. Check out new recipes that come to you (RSS)

16. Track your favorite baseball team

17. Track your favorite football team

18. Track your favorite basketball team

19. Track your favorite hockey team

20. Get your horoscope (RSS)

21. Monitor the latest on bird flu (RSS)

22. Assess the latest computer threats (RSS)

23. Track the latest video games for Xbox (RSS) or Playstation (RSS)

24. Get the tides for virtually any coast in the world

25. Read the notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci one day at a time (RSS)

26. Subscribe to TV listings

27. Track the latest questions on Yahoo Answers (RSS)

28. Subscribe to tee times (RSS)

29. Peruse the latest photos on Flickr (RSS)

30. Scan the latest videos on YouTube (RSS)

31. Get hotel deals from Marriott (RSS)

32. Learn a new word every day using RSS (RSS)

33. Track the latest sales with Dealcatcher (RSS)

34. Subscribe to the Target circular (RSS)

35. Track the latest uses for RSS